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Dre Joannie Dupont



A few years ago, I had the chance to participate in a chiropractic humanitarian mission in Dominican Republic and Haiti. We traveled to small remote villages that otherwise had no access to health care. People lined up to receive chiropractic adjustments, and often there were almost immediate changes in their health. A mother put her baby in my arms, her baby who had difficulty latching on since birth and who could barely turn his head to look at her. After a palpation of his neck and a gentle adjustment, the baby opened his eyes wide, as if surprised, turned his head yawning and fell asleep in my arms. Her little body was going into “healing mode”. It was then that I understood how a small adjustment to remove interference from the nervous system could be so important. My interest in family chiropractic began that day. If an adjustment can help a child grow up healthy, without nerve interference, medication or major surgery, I will have done my job and helped the world become a little better.

A few years later, I had the chance to meet Dr. Frederick Carrick, the founder of chiropractic functional neurology. It was a revelation: I learned that an in-depth knowledge of the nervous system and the brain would allow me to help people with neurological conditions that had been very little helped in the health system until now. After several years of post-graduate studies and national exams in the United States, I finally obtained my Diplomate from the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB). Since then, I have been helping people strengthen their brain connections, optimize nerve function and improve their quality of life.

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