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Chiropractic for babies

Chiropractic for your baby

The first stresses felt by a baby in terms of its spine, its cranial bones and its nervous system occur during childbirth and even sometimes before, during life in the mother’s womb. Although often asymptomatic, these stresses could also cause difficulty suckling, colic, torticollis, imbalances of the cranial bones, etc. Chiropractic can limit the impact of these stresses and thus allow babies to live better in their new environment. Give your newborn every opportunity to start life healthy.

What are the stresses often associated with birth?

  • Physical pressure from uterine contractions and vaginal passage
  • Physical traction during interventions during childbirth (traction with hands, forceps, suction cups)
  • Rapid temperature change when the baby comes out
  • Many first adventures (first contact with the air, first contact with light, first feeding, first digestive movements, etc.)

How does chiropractic help improve infant health?

Birth-related stresses can cause joint, muscle and nerve strain in the newborn. Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and very precise manual maneuvers that correct these tensions. So delicate, these maneuvers often don’t even wake the sleeping baby!

Why do parents consult with their babies?

  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Congenital torticollis
  • Colic – frequent unexplained crying
  • Excessive regurgitation
  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Cranial deformation
  • Developmental delay
  • By prevention – to start on the right foot!

When to consult with your baby?

Chiropractic care can be done safely from birth. If you identify signs of stress in your baby, it is important to consult as soon as possible. If everything seems to be going well, as soon as you feel ready to take a short outing after giving birth, take the opportunity to take a healthy outing with your chiropractor!

Obviously, it is never too late to consult a chiropractor. In addition to preventive visits, you can, of course, consult a chiropractor with your baby if you notice symptoms that you would like to have evaluated.

Several chiropractors at ABC Health Clinic concentrate part or all of their practice in pediatric chiropractic We use particularly gentle techniques and tools designed for the needs of infants.