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Thalasso baby bath

The baby thalasso bath is a therapeutic approach using water for newborns from 4 days to 6 weeks of age. This care is also therapeutic for the parents. The treatment opens up a space where time stands still, allowing the family to reunite in a sweet moment, filled with tenderness and fascination.

A thalasso treatment can be your baby’s very first bath. Following the bath, a massage session using liniment moisturizes and cleanses the skin.

The baby thalasso bath treatment has many benefits, including:

Helping the baby find his reassuring intrauterine landmarks
Soothe the baby and his parents
Release the tensions generated by childbirth and postpartum adaptation
Improve baby’s sleep
Promotes better elimination
Allows baby to gently tame the bath

Here are some situations where care would be even more optimal, a little earlier postpartum:

For small premature babies, the corrected age is used
Cesarean birth
Use of forceps or a suction cup
long labor
Prolonged engagement in the pelvis (long thrust)
Mom-baby separation after birth
Breastfeeding difficulties
Agitated sleep
Attachment bond that is slow to establish

This service is offered in collaboration with ABC Clinique Santé by our partners :  Sam la Doula (Mauricie) et Anouk Léger (Vaudreuil-Soulanges).

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Consult with a Praticienne en bain thalasso bébé