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Chiropractic during early childhood

Early childhood is a time of constant learning. Your toddler must learn to walk, run, jump (not without a few bumps and bruises!). They must also learn to live with different realities, such as being separated from his parents for the first time or fighting new germs shared so generously in daycare. This learning can create physical, chemical and emotional stress in your child and have an impact on his health.

What are the stresses often associated with early childhood?

  • Many fall and micro-traumas related to motor learning and play
  • Emotional stress due to parental separation often linked to starting daycare
  • Multiple immune battles also linked to life in daycare
  • Poor nutrition (often in a child who is more fussy about food)

How does chiropractic help improve the health of young children?

Early childhood stresses can cause joint, muscle and nerve tension in children. Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and very precise manual maneuvers that correct these tensions.

Painless and often offered in the form of games, chiropractic adjustments are generally very popular with children!

Why do parents consult with their children?

  • To help reduce symptoms of ear pain and the common cold
  • To correct postural disorders (uneven legs, flat or hollow feet, etc.)
  • To correct motor or nervous disorders (difficulty walking or running, poor balance, poor coordination, etc.)
  • To correct a developmental delay
  • By prevention – to ensure healthy growth!

When to consult with your child?

There are times in life that are more likely to cause stress to a child’s nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. Here are the periods when we recommend a chiropractic follow-up.

  • After birth
  • When they begin to have cervical control (controls head when prone)
  • When they begin to sit
  • When they begin to move on all fours
  • When they begin to stand
  • During the first phases of walking
  • Following an injury or other physical, chemical or emotional stress
  • When symptoms appear

Several chiropractors at ABC Health Clinic focus their practice on pediatric chiropractic. We use gentle techniques and work tools designed for the needs of children.