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Vascular assessment

Vascular assessment of the extremities, particularly the feet, helps prevent or detect early signs of vascular disease. It is therefore essential to identify the cause of a circulatory problem: arterial, venous, lymphatic or mixed.


The podiatrist will assess whether the vascular supply to the tissues is sufficient for proper functioning and can determine if the healing of a wound is compromised or if there is a lack of blood flow in specific muscles. The vascular evaluation of the podiatrist is carried out by inspection, palpation of the pulses and by a Doppler examination or with the examination of the IPSCB (ankle-arm systolic pressure index). The manifestations of vascular origins in the foot are seen, among other things, by the dermatological aspect and the podiatrist will be able to identify the etiology.


Here are some examples of vascular pathologies that can affect the foot:

  • Peripheral arterial disease (atherosclerosis, microangiopathy, arteriosclerosis);
  • Superficial or deep thrombophlebitis;
  • Varicose vein, telangectasia, white atrophy;
  • Arterial embolism (blue toe syndrome);
  • Thromboangiitis obliterans (Buerger);
  • Raynaud’s disease;
  • Acrocyanosis;
  • Perniosis;
  • Frostbite;
  • Arterial, venous or mixed wounds.