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ABC Clinique Santé is an interdisciplinary health practice…

But, what does that mean, exactly?

We often confuse multidisciplinary practices with interdisciplinary practices. Although similar at first glance, they are considerably different both in terms of the patient experience and in the way healthcare professionals practice.

Multidisciplinary practices, which are quite common, represent a concept according to which in the same establishment, there are several healthcare professionals. They share a workspace, but their practices are all separated from each other. These are independent practices where each professional decides on their own what their treatment plan will be based on their own experiences and knowledge. They can refer their patients to other health professionals if they deem it relevant, with more or less sharing of information between the various stakeholders.

An interdisciplinary practice like that of ABC Health Clinic represents, in turn, a practice that brings together a set of healthcare professionals not only by sharing workspaces, but above all by sharing patients’ plan of care. All professionals within this practice are familiar with the specific scopes of practice of the other professionals. They have learned to work in close collaboration and to recognize the relevance of whether or not to integrate one or more other healthcare professionals in the management of their patients’ cases. They practice with rigorous procedures and effective communication tools to adapt their practice around the needs of patients. It is an integrated approach based on teamwork between healthcare professionals AND the patient.

And concretely, for the patient?

When our patients consult us at ABC Health Clinic, they can obviously be followed by a single professional if it suits their needs. The choice to consult one or many of the professionals is always up to our patients, but they are always assured that they will be advised and directed to the most relevant professional(s) to help them obtain the best possible clinical results.


Instead of focusing on the professionals, ABC Health Clinic focuses on the patients.