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Biomechanical examination/Plantar pressures
service offered to: Mirabel, Vaudreuil-Dorion.

What is the biomechanical examination?

  • The biomechanical examination assesses the range of motion of the different joints of your foot, ankle, knee and hip. The mobility and stability of your lower limb are usually assessed. This assessment will evaluate body movement statically and dynamically.


  • The podiatrist will establish the right diagnosis and the appropriate treatment plan according to his biomechanical evaluation and through his anamnesis, palpation and various orthopedic tests. He will assess your foot type (flat foot, pes cavus) and if there is a link with your previous injuries and the risk of re-injury.


  • In addition, the podiatrist will perform a pressure point analysis in order to obtain quantitative static and dynamic data, which will serve as a complementary diagnostic tool and allow appropriate treatment. The purpose of baropodometric analysis and biomechanical examination is to determine the cause of pain. The pressure plate and the biomechanical examination are also used for adults and children who have no pain. Indeed, the important thing is to determine if the patient is at risk of injury and to optimize his performances in daily activities and sports. Come and meet your Mirabel podiatrist for a complete examination.


This service is offered to you at: Mirabel, Vaudreuil-Dorion.