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Edward Barth

Counselling therapist by ANDC™


Personalized therapeutic counselling

Everyone has to go through moments of questioning , periods of doubt , relationship difficulties or even episodes of stress or exhaustion . Sometimes it is beneficial and important to seek the help of a good counseling therapist . Professional and experienced, I offer my clients personalized therapeutic support , so that they feel listened to, heard and supported. My job, as a counselor, is to help you talk about your emotions and reactions in a safe environment, figure out where these emotions and reactions are coming from, observe whether your reactions produce the desired outcomes and, discover new ways to react, if that would produce more satisfying outcomes.

Therapist in individual and grief/bereavement counseling

Edward practices the Creative, Non-Directive Approach (ANDC TM ), created by Mrs. Colette Portelance. Creative, Non-Directive Approach (ANDC TM ), created by Mrs. Colette Portelance. is an
approach that emphasizes relational authenticity between the client and the therapist. Therefore, the bond of trust is essential to the journey that the person undertakes. The quality of the therapeutic relationship is important in fostering creative change. Therapy helps you get to know yourself better. It aims for well-being and the development of a healthy relationship with oneself and with others through self-knowledge, self-love, self-confidence, authentic communication, freedom, autonomy, and creativity. This approach leads each person to find their inner resources, since these can be difficult to find during difficult times. With my support, the person will be able to find solutions based on their needs and face their difficulties with responsibility.

I am part of the International Corporation of Counseling Therapists of Canada (CITRAC). The latter ensures, among other things, the protection of the public, sees to the application of the code of ethics and professional conduct, as well as to maintain the professional competence of its members. I offer individual sessions for adults only.

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